Wearing the trousers !
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Wearing the trousers !

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History, function, codes and characteristics of breeches and trousers

The second volume of our "Grammar of Western clothing” series. We continue with the rules, codes and characteristics of clothing from the past and the present.

Historically linked to the men’s fashion wardrobe, breeches and trousers have, more recently, seduced and become a part of women’s fashion as well. They originally wore them for sport activities but also when they replaced men at their jobs during wartime. Women adopted trousers as a key part of their wardrobe for their practicality and representation of women’s social evolution and even their independence.

Breeches, pants for leisure wear and tailored trouser shapes, functions and details followed this direction, establishing a timeless wardrobe and defining a rich language that is often forgotten today.

In this second book, breeches and trousers deliver their secrets to illustrate this social evolution since today, both men AND women are... Wearing the trousers!

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24,99 €